​​​​​Ladies' Waxing treatments

Strip and non-strip wax are used for waxing treatments. Generally non-strip/hot wax is used for bikini and facial waxing and strip/warm wax used for most other areas of the body. The therapist wears disposable gloves. There is a no double-dip policy at Bodylines. A new spatula is used for each dip into the wax pot. This eradicates any possibility of cross-contamination between clients.

Strip Waxing​

Half leg wax 37

(Includes knees and feet

Upper half leg wax £42.55

(Includes knees)

3/4 leg wax £48.5

(Or half leg and backs of thighs)

Full leg wax £54

(Includes knees and feet)

Navel wax £20

Tops of feet and toes wax £20

Forearm wax  £35.75

(Includes hands and fingers)

Full arm wax £43

(Includes hands and fingers)

Eyebrow Shape £28

(Tweezers and/or wax)

Non-Strip Waxing

Non-strip wax is used for your comfort.

Upper lip or chin £22.4
Upper lip and chin £42
Underarm £26.50

Non-Strip Bikini and Intimate Waxing

(for further info please see FAQs on male grooming page) 

Regular Bikini wax £28.5

Extended/high leg Bikini wax £34.5

(High leg bikini wax and across the top of pubis)

G-string wax £48.5

(Removes all hair from front, underneath and crack outside a G-string)

Brazilian or Hollywood wax £54

(All off or all off with landing strip of hair left)

Relaxing Facials

Using a range of Aromaworks aromatherapy based facial products and a choice of Esthemax Hydrojelly masks.
All 60+ minute facials include an introductory back massage, an acupressure point relaxing face, decollete and shoulder massage and a soothing hand massage.

​Facial with hydrojelly mask for all skin types (allow 60 mins) £90

Allow 60 minutes

Facial with nourishing warm vitamin Aromaplasty mask £99.5

Allow 70 minutes 

Facial with steam and hydrojelly mask £98

Allow 70 minutes

Pick-me-up Facial £45

Cleanse, exfoliation, acupressure point massage, moisturiser.

Allow 20 minutes

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Treatment Menu

FAQs for Electrolysis

Electrolysis as a treatment for permanent hair removal has existed for over 100 years  and is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal has its place but it hasn't been around long enough for anyone to know whether the results are truly permanent. Therefore it can only be classed as a method of permanent hair reduction. Electrolysis uses a short wave oscillating current to create heat which in turn destroys the cells in the root of a hair so that it cannot grow again. This heat is delivered via a very fine needle which is inserted into the hair follicle by the therapist. When it reaches the base of the hair follicle,  a small amount of current is released which feels like a heat to the client. Each hair is treated individually which means the amount of heat produced can be varied depending on the strength of the hair. A successfully epilated hair will then slide out of the follicle without resistance. Generally hairs will need to be treated several times, but with each treatment the hair will usually become finer, weaker and take longer to regrow, until eventually it stops growing.  A course of treatment is required to regularly treat the regrowth, but the treatment frequency will diminish as the hairs do. 

How long does the treatment take?

The length of each treatment is dependent on the amount of hair visible and the sensitivity of the client's skin. The total time needed to achieve permanent hair removal may be from a few months to two years or more, depending on the thickness and density of the hair growth and the regularity of treatment.

What does it feel like?

You will feel a heat within the hair follicle. This is very temporary however.

How long does the hair need to be?

Long enough for the hair to be grasped with tweezers to remove it once epilated. Absolute minimum 1-2mm.

What if I've been plucking/waxing?

The hair growth may take longer to respond initially as plucking/waxing tends to strengthen hair, certainly on the face. But it will work on any thickness/colour of hair and is definitely worth doing!

Which areas of the body can be treated?

The face, eyebrows, neck, chest, nipples, hands, fingers, in fact most areas of the face and body. 

Why have I got superfluous hair?

There is always a reason why hair grows. Usually superfluous hair is caused by hormonal change within the body such as puberty, pregnancy and the menopause. Polycystic ovaries can also cause excessive hair growth as can a thyroid imbalance. There can also be a hereditary cause to hair growth however. We will discuss this during the consultation. 

What aftercare will I need to do? 

No plucking/waxing. Avoid makeup/sunbeds/direct sun/oily cleansers for 48 hours. Avoid touching the skin to prevent irritation, infection. Apply aftercare lotion as recommended by therapist for 2-4 days after treatment. You may cut back any growth with fine nail scissors between treatments.

How often can I have treatment?

The skin needs a minimum of 7-14 days healing time between treatments. Your therapist will recommend frequency of treatments. 

Will I have to have treatment forever?

No, for most people once the area has been successfully treated there is no regrowth. Sometimes clients may come in once or twice a year for a tidy up to remove any stray new or regrown weak hairs.

*Cancellations. Clients are requested to give at least 24 hours' notice of cancellation to avoid incurring a cancellation fee. Missed appointments are also subject to a cancellation fee which will be charged at a minimum of £60 per hour.

*Late arrivals. The treatment time will be adjusted accordingly for clients who arrive late to avoid overrunning.​​


A 'medi-pedi' style thorough treatment using the South African Elim range of foot products. Includes relaxing foot soak, hard skin removal using an alkali peel, alpha-hydroxy acid scrub, clay mask with hot towel removal, nail file, cuticle tidy, followed by a soothing foot and leg massage and nail polish if requested. Please wear flip flops to allow nail polish to dry. The price is dependent on the amount of work required on the feet to give them the best finish possible!

Elim regular Pedicure £80-100

Allow 65 minutes

Elim 30 minute Pedicure £49

Foot soak, Elim callus tonic hard skin removal, nail and cuticle tidy, application of moisturising Elim foot perfector.

Treatments for the eye area

Eyebrow shape £28
Eyelash tint £34
Eyebrow tint £25.5
Eyelash and Eyebrow tint £51.5
*A patch test is required if you have not had a tint within the last 6 months at this studio.

​Advanced Aesthetic Electrolysis
For the removal of minor skin blemishes such as facial red veins, skin tags, milia/whiteheads, warts, seborrheic warts, red spots and spider naevi using an Advanced Electrolysis technique. Skin tags and milia usually only need one treatment. Further treatments may be needed for other skin blemishes. A consultation is required before treatment commences.
Initial consultation and 15 minute treatment £80
15 minutes £60
20 minutes £75
30 minutes £90

Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal
A single use sterile disposable needle is used to permanently remove hair. A consultation is required before treatment commences. A course of treatment is required to achieve permanent results.
Initial consultation,15 minute treatment

and aftercare lotion £62.5
5 minutes £30

10 minutes £36.5
15 minutes £43
20 minutes £49.5
30 minutes £62.5
45 minutes £82


Price includes the piercing. Choose from a range of implant grade titanium jewellery for your piercing when you come in to the studio. Prices start at £6. Please see ear and body piercing page here for info and prices. Saline aftercare solution is available to buy for homecare use. 

The following aftercare services are also available:

Removal of piercing jewellery £15

Removal and jewellery change £22.75

A range of titanium jewellery is available to purchase at the studio for your upgrade.