​​​permanent hair removal.


A single use sterile disposable needle is used to permanently remove hair. A consultation is required before treatment commences. a course of treatment is required to achieve permanent results.
Initial consultation, 15 minute treatment
and aftercare lotion to take home 62.5
5 minutes 30
10 minutes 37
15 minutes 43
20 minutes 50
30 minutes 63
45 minutes 82

minor skin blemish removal.

An advanced aesthetic electrolysis technique is used for the removal of minor skin blemishes such as facial red veins, skin tags, milia/whiteheads, warts, seborrheic warts, red spots and spider naevi. Skin tags and milia usually only need one treatment. Further treatments may be needed for other skin blemishes. A consultation is required before treatment commences.
15 minutes 60
20 minutes 75
30 minutes 90

bodylines' total footcare solution.

Elim 65 minute footcare solution 80-100

A 'medi-pedi' style pedicure to transform the condition and appearance of your feet, using the South African Elim range of foot products.

The treatment begins with a relaxing foot soak, hard skin removal using a safe and gentle alkali peel, alpha-hydroxy acid scrub, clay mask with hot towel removal, nail file, cuticle tidy, followed by a soothing foot and leg massage and nail polish if requested.

*Please wear flip flops to allow nail polish to dry.* The price is dependent on the amount of work required on the feet to give them the best finish possible!

Elim 45 minute footcare solution 55

Polish is not applied, the time is purely for nail, cuticle and skin improvement. 

Foot soak, elim callus tonic hard skin removal, nail and cuticle tidy, application of moisturising Elim foot perfector.​​​


​lashes and brows.

Brow shape 28
Lash tint 34
Brow tint 26
Lash and brow tint 52
*A patch test is required if you have not had a tint within the last 6 months at this studio.


​Choose from a range of implant grade titanium and 14ct gold jewellery for your piercing. Saline aftercare solution is available to buy for homecare use and a range of titanium and 14ct gold jewellery is available to purchase at the studio for downsizing and for healed upgrades!

The following aftercare services are also available:
Removal of piercing jewellery 10
Removal and jewellery change 20

​​​waxing treatments.​​

No double-dipping here! This practice eradicates the possibility of cross-contamination between clients.

​Strip/warm waxing​

Lower half leg wax 37

Upper half leg wax 43

Three quarters leg wax 49

Full leg wax 54-65

Back, neck and shoulder wax 39

Back, shoulders, neck and t-shirt arms wax 46

Shoulders and neck or abs wax 35

Chest and abs wax 51

Buttocks wax 33

Non-strip/hot waxing

Brow shape with wax/tweezers 28

Upper lip or chin wax 22
Upper lip and chin wax 42

Nostrils and/or ear wax 22
Underarm wax 27

Regular bikini wax 29

*removes a strip of hair from either side of the bikini area

Extended/high leg bikini wax 35

*removes a strip of hair from either side of the bikini area and across top of pubis

G-string wax 49

*removes all hair from front, underneath and crack outside g-string) 

Brazilian or hollywood wax 54-65

*removes all hair from the front of the genital area, perineum, crack and any stragglers around buttocks.  Brazilian leaves a small rectangle or triangle of hair above the pubic bone

Crack wax 32.5

Buttocks and crack wax 52.5