Boyzilians, manzilians, male brazilians, playboys, why are there so many different names for intimate waxes?

I don't know! Salons have their own preferred names for intimate waxes, but essentially they are pretty similar. Here at Bodylines your treatment will be tailored to suit your own requirements.  

How long does it last?

The results of your wax should last 4-6 weeks on average. It is important to gently exfoliate the area a few times a week 1-2 weeks after treatment in order to prevent ingrowing hairs. You can use a mitt or a scrub for this. Applying a tea tree based moisturiser will also help prevent ingrowing hairs. (Both available to buy at Bodylines).
What happens during the treatment?

You will be given some privacy to undress and cleanse front and back with an antiseptic wipe. ​The skin will be then be cleansed again, a pre-wax oil will be applied to the skin, and the hair will be removed using non-strip and occasionally a little strip wax. Then a soothing aftercare lotion will be applied.
What happens after the treatment?

After the treatment the skin will be temporarily red, sensitive and a little bumpy. This is a normal reaction to waxing. It is important to read your aftercare leaflet, and to wear if possible some loose clothing. A range of Outback Organics waxing aftercare products such as face and body scrub, bush balm, post wax spray and tea tree body lotion are available to purchase and use for the first few days after waxing. 
What about aftercare?

It is advisable to avoid the following for 24-48 hours after a wax:

Sunbathing, sunbeds, hot baths or showers, perfumed soaps or body lotions, vigorous exercise, chlorinated swimming pools, Jacuzzis, or any perspiration inducing activity.

Is regular waxing advisable?

Yes! Regular waxing every 4-6 weeks is the key to maintaining a smooth hair-free look.

male waxing faqs.

Who has intimate waxing?

There is no 'type' of person who has it, it is popular with many different sorts of people!

Why have an intimate wax?

Because it feels good, it's hygienic, for sports fanatics, it reduces sweating and chafing, it looks neater, it can make the penis seem longer, it can increase sensation during sex, there is no stubble or irritation as you get with using creams or shaving, it's fun!

What is a brazilian?

Removal of hair from the penis, scrotum, some of the pubic triangle and crack. 

What is a hollywood?

Removal of hair from the above plus all from the pubic triangle.

What is a bsc?

Back, sac and crack, removal of hair from the shoulders, back, and a Brazilian or Hollywood. I price these treatments separately as a back wax and brazilian/hollywood.

Do I need to take off my clothes?

Yes, though you can leave your T-shirt on if you are just having an intimate wax.

Does it hurt?

Waxing feels temporarily uncomfortable, and you will be more sensitive if it is your first wax. However, the more regularly you wax, the less it hurts!

Do I need to shave before my appointment?

No, the hair needs to be at least 5mm long to wax. You can trim it if the hair is very long, though it is better to have a lot of growth than not enough, so if you are unsure just leave it untrimmed.

What if I get aroused?

This does sometimes happen and it will often disappear after the waxing commences. However, an unintentional erection is one thing, but please note, this is a professional non-sexual service, and inappropriate language and/or behaviour will not be tolerated!